We often encounter customers that don't quite see what they have in mind. They like our style but want an extra feature or two. We are always entertaining custom requests, using our materials or materials provided by the customer, combined with a little bit of our character. We have completed many projects both small and large. Anything from completely unique kitchen islands to larger interpretations of our console tables. Please inquire by emailing us at info@chicagosalvageworks.com.

Train Rail Bike Rack

For this project, one of our long term customers requested a unique bike rack to compliment their apartment building's modern/industrial loft theme. Located at 2211 N. Milwaukee Ave, in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, the project is right across the street from the CTA's Blue Line, so the architects were keen to incorporate the transit theme into their project. They went as far as to resurrect a retired CTA train car and place it on their amenities deck. They sent us some pictures of quirky bike racks and told us to come up with the coolest design we could think of. We tossed the idea back and forth and tried to look at the materials in the metal shop for awhile and it soon became obvious that the design needed to incorporate some rail. After a couple iterations with the architects, the end result turned out much cooler than anyone expected.


Window Front Bar Top

After we supplied the flooring for this north side bakery, the owner wanted us to supply a large bar top to go in her window front. After being shown the space and taking a few measurements, we came up with this monster bar top made from reclaimed barn joists. One of the features to be included was a "backsplash" of some sort, so we decided to incorporate some of our rebar into the piece. Although it was not dictated by the customer, we thought the piece needed a foot rail across the bottom.

Dimensions: 20in D x 14ft 'W x 36in H

Custom Rolling Wine Rack

With this one, the customer wanted a larger version of our rebar wine rack with a set of casters to move for obsessive cleaning. The result was this sizable Pecan kitchen unit.

Dimensions: 22D x 36W x 36H

Walnut Entry Table

For this piece the customer wanted an ultra sleek table with a drawer to go in the entryway to his home. After getting to know the customer a little more, we quickly learned that the emphasis was certainly on the "sleek." To keep the size down, we transformed our typical top and base pairing and combined the two elements into one concise piece using smaller 1 inch square tubing.  We then outfitted it with clean cut hanging drawer and matching side skirts. We have since planned in incorporate this piece into our standard line, and it will soon be offered in a number of woods including walnut, oak, hickory and maple. The overall dimensions were 12D x 30W x 36H.

Single Slab Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

For this piece, the customer sent us a photo of a neat live edge table that had been done in a very different style than ours. His only requirements were a dark wood and a very substantial set of top dimensions: 4FT x 7FT. We quickly realized how difficult the dimensions were going to be to fill and offered him a couple options for a "book matched" top where two consecutive cuts of the same tree are joined side by side. The customer returned with affirming that needed a single slab. After scouring all of the local lumber yards that we knew of, we eventually found a slab that fit the bill, just barely meeting the requirements. To come up with the base design, we consulted some local structural engineers to help us incorporate some authentic features. The end result was a typical "I-Frame" design constructed from chunky 4IN square I-Beam.

22x72 Pecan Wine Rack Bench

For this piece, two loyal customers wanted a larger bench made from our Kenosha Engine Plant Pecan with a little added function. The result was this "beefy" looking wine rack bench, capable of holding 15 bottles of their favorite blends. We used slightly thicker [2 in] square tubing for the frame and some monster [3/4 in] rebar for the rack. The base features three flush fitting pecan shelves, the center one being notched ever so slightly for the lower five bottles.

28x44 Pecan Coffee Table

For this piece, the customer wanted a slightly smaller coffee table with a fully enclosed "caged" base design. We used our standard [1.5 in] square tubing with brushed welds that were later finished with a black oxide patina to match the original texture of the steel. The smaller surface area allowed us to use some of the more unique slabs from the Kenosha Engine Plant's flooring layout. The result was this simple design:

29x20 Pecan Kitchen Island

For this, our customer wanted a kitchen island made from our salvaged pecan floor panels from the Chrysler Engine Plant in Kenosha, WI, with a couple specific features. The end result featured a hanging drawer with matching bolted face, two rebar wine rack style shelves, a shelf made from the same pecan and a rebar towel holder all atop a set of locking swivel casters.

36x36 Kitchen Island

This was a piece with pretty relaxed constraints. The customer provided us with an antique maple workbench to resurface and we created a unique and simple base incorporating several storage options. The end result features an overhang on one side, three drawers on the other, all perched over a shelf made from reclaimed maple flooring.


30x80 Dining Table

The requirements for this one were simple: Big and Bold. The customer wanted a 30x80 inch dining table and said, "Everything you guys make is awesome, so make it however you want." The end result was a semi brushed, double mitered flush frame made out of 2.5 inch square tubing.

Sister Console Tables

Again, the customer kind of let us do what we wanted. He wanted a pair of similar, but not matching, narrow tables to add some texture to the conference room at his law firm. The final result were one 15x60 inch simple console table and her slightly girthier sister; a 15x72 inch beauty with a little more storage in the form of salvaged slate shelves.